The Mummy – Tom Cruise – Film Review

Fine beginning to the Dark Universe Franchise and a decent Mummy Film

The Mummy is a monster movie starring Tom Cruise, and a beginning to the ‘Dark Universe’ of movies that will bring back horror/monster movie classics back to screen.

Now before we proceed further with the review, let’s get this straight, we went with the expectation to see a ‘The Mummy’ franchise film and our expectations were based on the movies from a decade back. If you went it to watch a Tom Cruise film, this simply isn’t your typical entertaining Tom Cruise action film.

The Mummy Tom Cruise Dark Universe movie Review - Movie Cinema Film

Tom Cruise plays ‘Nick Morton’, a soldier of fortune, who goes around a war ravaged Iraq plundering ancient sites for timeless artefacts to make money by selling them to the highest bidder. Nick and his partner in their adventure in the Middle East unleash ‘Ahmanet’, an Egyptian princess who was punished by being entombed under the desert far away from home for thousands of years. She claims souls that takes her from her ‘mummy’ form to a more human form. Nick Morton to save himself ( and the world ) must stop the resurrected monster with the help of Prodigium ( an organization fighting evil ). They pursue Ahamnet through the streets of London as she unleashed furious rampage and countless undead.

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Review :

The Mummy is the story of how an ancient evil is brought back to life, and how she tries to sacrifice her ‘chosen’ man to bring the God of death to come alive in him. That and some of the usual action set pieces.

The story is nothing new, you have seen a Mummy brought back to life and unleash havoc, multiple times. What makes this film different is the idea of the Dark Universe of legendary horror characters which brings in the ‘Prodigium’. An organisation that fights evil. It might remind you of SHIELD from the Marvel Universe. We get a charismatic leader in Russell Crowe playing Dr Henry Jekyll.

‘The Mummy’ has some well crafted scenes that will thrill you with the suspense. From an action sequence on an aeroplane, to some almost scary scenes reminding one the horror roots of the dark universe.

This also leads to the biggest failing of ‘The Mummy’, it is in parts a horror film but tries not to be scary and in other parts an action adventure blockbuster. The Director Alex Kurtzman is unable to balance both these elements resulting in a film that is a fast paced action thriller that slows down to explain the story or establish fear.

‘The Mummy’ fails in parts where it can’t decide if it has to be a horror film or an action adventure blockbuster.

The characters are intriguing but since this is not a complete film in itself, you don’t get to know more about them. Also, you are left wondering about motivations and the future of some of these characters, and how they will play out in the future movies.

Sofia Boutella shines as Ahamnet. Seeing Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe together on screen is a treat, and hope to see more of them in future films.

The VFX is good, but nothing you haven’t seen before. The character design of Ahmanet is splendid. The hordes of the undead and the other action sequences seem quite regular.

The Mummy is not a bad film but it’s not a campy ‘Mummy Franchise’ film, not a fast paced Tom Cruise action vehicle nor a good horror film…. and surprisingly not an outright boring film.

The film might not bore you to death when you are sitting in a theatre,but it also won’t leave you with any great memories once you walk out of the theatre. The film is not bad, rather it’s underwhelming for what it set out to do and that really is the reason for the universal scorn ( pun intended! ).

In spite of the flaws of this film I look forward to the rest of the ‘Dark Universe’ films. I hope as a horror film fan that these films turn out to be successful in bringing together the classic characters better than in ‘ The Mummy’. Please give us a good monster movie, NOT a ‘blockbuster action film’ or ‘Part of a Universe Film’.