Urge – Movie Review

Avoid the urge to watch this movie.

Story and Screenplay:
A bunch of friends – entitled and snobby adults – land up on an island for a weekend, get into a club and take an unknown drug , that they are warned is to be taken only ONCE.
But as you can expect they give in to their ‘urge’ and things go horribly wrong.

While the premise of the film is a bit intriguing from a genre perspective – it doesn’t break any new grounds. The friends, their misunderstandings, their ‘urge’ to break the rule, the misunderstandings are all that we have seen before in countless films.

Urge Movie Review Movie Cinema Film

Direction :
The film is visually stylish in parts. The efforts seem to have been concentrated on ensuring that the party scenes are well shot. The rest of the film lacks a specific visual style.

The character interactions among the friends lack credibility and distract from the movie. You see some production value and budget going into a film which is basically a genre movie. The film barely rises above a B – Grade thriller except for some visual grandeur in the club scenes.

From a genre perspective the story is predictable, the characters are single dimensional and some scenes outright absurd and campy. Yes, we are looking at you CAKE!

Urge film - Making love to a cake

Characters and Acting :
Most of the characters are plastic and don’t really leave a mark.

Pierce Brosnan impresses as the ‘Club owner’ who introduces the group to the drug. An actor gets very few opportunities to play a ‘devilish’ character in their career and this film is a sad let down for Pierce Brosnan who is the only who really shines in this film.

Justin Chatwin and Danny Masterson impress among the remaining cast.

Ashley Greene, Alexis Knapp and Bar Paly add to the visual appeal of the film but have very thinly written characters.