The Brothers Grimsby

The Brothers Grimsby stars shock comedy star Sacha Baron Cohen ( Borat ) as a dimwitted Nobby, a football hooligan in an English fishing town. This is a film which even the character Nobby would find below his intellect to appreciate.

The pairing of Sacha Cohen with Mark Strong ( RocknRolla ) playing an assassin was an interesting casting with a potential for a decent ‘English’ action comedy franchise. The film is an immense let down in both the action and comedy departments.

It is of note that one of the writers on this film is Phil Johnston whose writing credits include films like Cedar Rapids, Wreck it Ralph and the recent blockbuster Zootopia. The story and screenplay reflects no relation to those wonderful movies. The other two writers on this film were Sacha Baron Cohen and Peter Baynham.

Let me say this straight, Sacha Cohen has to reinvent or he is finished.

The guy can be funny, he has a sense of humour no doubt, but the kind of ‘dumb and shock’ comedy Sacha Cohen is trying to force on his users just won’t stick in these times where I can watch a lot more gross ( funny ? ) stuff on Youtube, Vine and other video sharing sites. The cringe inducing comedy is just passé on the big screen, UNLESS it’s supported by some amazing writing. The Dictator was a fine watch, Borat was innovative back in the day.

Mark Strong’s opportunity to get showcased as an ‘action star’ in this action comedy is wasted.
A fine actor who has been played likeable tough guy characters should have been the saving grace of this film. There was a ‘Hitman’ vibe to his character for the first few moments on the screen.

Two long lost brothers,one a professional hitman and the other a gold hearted dimwit soccer hooligan. They meet, dimwit screws up the Assassin’s mission, they go on to save the world.

Characters and Acting
Sacha does a good job with his character, the movie is written for him ( and by him ) so that’s not a surprise.
Mark Strong does good as a professional assassin but seems out of place in some comedy scenes. The deadpan expression when played against Sacha Cohen works good.
Penelope Cruz as a ‘vigilante’ do gooder is good at what we might expect Penelope Cruz to do.
Comedienne Rebel Wilson barely has a few scenes and we would have liked to see more of her.
Gabourey Sidibe the Oscar nominated actress was barely there for a while.

Should you watch The Brothers Grimsby ?
It has some funny scenes. It has some gross out ‘comedy’. But nothing remarkable.

The reason we didn’t like this film is for wasting some great talent while trying to play up the Sacha Cohen brand of comedy. He is the star attraction of the film no doubt but the supporting cast should have been played up more.

We feel this movie had a Franchise potential if it was a written better, and had a better action hero platform for Mark Strong.

A lot of international viewers might not get the mocking jokes at English football, FIFA, the working class etc.

Watch this film if you want to have a peek inside an elephant’s vagina. Or you want to see Sacha Cohen try to recapture his glory days.


England wins the football World Cup! Probably the best joke in the film!