Bang Bang ( 2014 ) Movie Review

Bang Bang is the one of the most awaited films of 2014. With two of the leading stars Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. You have seen the well designed posters and are waiting for an action extravaganza. You are lusting to see the super hot Katrina Kaif in an out and out action role. You have been introduced to the Bollywood promo machine. Now you are going to be let down in a way that only Siddharth Anand can.



To state it outright Bang Bang is a decent product by Bollywood Blockbuster standards with some effort going in to make a movie by the checklist.

Leading stars, great locations, good actors in supporting roles, a passable romantic sub plot and a few action sequences – Fights, Chase, Explosions.  All this movie lacks is an absorbing screenplay and some basic logic to make the entire experience engaging for the viewer.

This is one of those movies that you start watching on the television, go out for half an hour and when you get back it still it makes sense to you.

Plot : Bang Bang

The premise of the movie is that a don Omar Zafar ( Danny Denzongpa competent as usual ) kills an army officer Viren Nanda ( played by Jimmy Shergill  in blink and miss role). In course of the dialogues that are exchanged between Bollywood villains and the upright people that they kill, there is snippet of information about an extradition treaty being worked out between Indian and UK govt to enable shipping Mr Zafar to face the courts. Mr Zafar, as any don  would, comes up with a fabulous plan – Steal the Kohinoor and the governments won’t get along, treaty will be discarded. That this absurd idea was the first that occurred to Mr Zafar and will be the point around which the movie revolves makes this viewer wonder how unbearable the next couple of hours are going to be.

Harleen Sahani ( played by Katrina Kaif ) is a ‘simple girl’ living a ‘simple life’ worried about if and when she would get married. Now this is quite unlike the killer seductress you were expecting going by the poster .. Ha! She runs into Rajveer ( played by Hrithik Roshan ) who has stolen the diamond. Then they are on a run from the Intelligence Bureau and the gangsters from Mr Zafar’s gang led by his henchman Hamid Gul ( played by Jaaved Jaffrey). That a major part of the movie revolves around Jaffery’s character who comes across more comic than menacing works against the movie. This may have more to do with earlier comic roles played by Mr Jaffery that he seems an odd choice to play an overly negative character. Could almost imagine someone like Gulshan Grover playing this part, who seems to be Mr Jaffery’s inspiration for the part.



Hrithik Roshan

Bang Bang is purely Hrithink Roshan show-reel just like Dhoom 2 was. He does action ( also in slo mo ), dances, takes his shirt off a few times and also gets to do a bit of emoting on the way.

Katrina Kaif

It’s another one of those “clueless blockbuster heroine in awe of the hero” role. This is a shame considering the last time Katrina Kaif paired up with Hrithik Roshan in ZNMD it was a rewarding role. There was a potential for Katrina to play an out and out action role and that has been a big miss with this movie.  The seductive Katrina Kaif you as a fan might want to see in the movie is only visible in the songs and in a few select scenes, else she plays a ‘simple girl’ throughout the film. Which for an attempted blockbuster is a big letdown.

Review : Overall the film Bang Bang disappoints.

An absurd premise and a predictable screenplay hurt the film. With the two or three so called ‘twists’ not being anything out of the ordinary it really doesn’t live up to the billing of a thriller. In fact, this movie doesn’t thrill and goes through the motions of action, romance and some drama as per the Bollywood blockbuster guide.  The chemistry of the lead pair and the decent acting performance delivered by the supporting cast are let down by a screenplay which from the onset seems predictable and contrived.

Surprisingly, one of the writers on this movie was Sujoy Ghosh of Kahaani fame. The director, Siddharth Anand, has quite a few movies in his filmography have had the benefit of publicity and a great opening at the box office to eventually end up being a disappointment. We can only hope that the future projects will have a more engaging handling of the subject.

The action sequences seem pretty regular if you are use to watching Hollywood movies. As an action movie one would expect a more imaginative use of action sequences to move the story forward. At one point, for a sequence staged in the ocean, the story and characters are taken to an island for no reason other than to show us some water sports themed action.  The only saving grace for Bang Bang is that unlike the Kick, Singham style South Indian action sequences,  an attempt has been made to ape the Hollywood style action cinema.

Watch the movie if you are a Hrithik Roshan or Katrina Kaif fan, else avoid.